Get more with the Fidelity Credit Card – benefit from premium rewards and benefits while earning points with every purchase.

Fidelity, your next Credit Card


The Fidelity Credit Card is a top-notch credit card designed to provide cardholders with a seamless and convenient banking experience. With this card, you can access a wide range of benefits and enjoy maximum flexibility and control over your finances.


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See all the advantages of this credit card:

No Issuance Fee
Delivery within one week
International Acceptance
Up to 45 Interest-Free Days

You will remain in the same website

One of the key benefits of the Fidelity Credit Card is the generous reward points system. Every time you use your card to make a purchase, you’ll earn reward points that you can redeem for a variety of exciting prizes and discounts. Whether you’re looking to save money on your next vacation or you simply want to treat yourself to something special, the Fidelity Credit Card is the perfect choice.

Another advantage of the Fidelity Credit Card is the convenient online banking and mobile banking services. You can access your account 24/7, manage your finances, and stay up-to-date with your spending and balances. You can also use the mobile app to pay your bills, transfer funds, and monitor your account activity.

Fidelity Credit

Get more with the Fidelity Credit Card

The Fidelity Credit Card also offers a wide range of premium travel benefits, including travel accident insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, and emergency medical assistance. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can rest assured that you’re covered and protected with the Fidelity Credit Card.

In addition to these benefits, the Fidelity Credit Card is also equipped with the latest security features, including chip and PIN technology, fraud detection, and account monitoring. This means that your card is protected against unauthorized use and you can enjoy peace of mind when making purchases.

Overall, the Fidelity Credit Card is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a credit card that offers maximum value and flexibility. With its generous rewards program, convenient online and mobile banking services, and range of premium travel benefits, the Fidelity Credit Card is the perfect way to take control of your finances and get the most out of your money.

More advantages about the card

Discover the remarkable advantages of the Zenith Bank International Credit Card. With swift delivery within one week and no issuance fee, obtaining this card is hassle-free. Enjoy the convenience of international acceptance, making it the perfect companion for your global travels. Unlock exclusive discount offers at a wide range of merchants around the world, allowing you to save while you shop. Benefit from up to 45 interest-free days, giving you the flexibility to manage your finances effectively.

Repaying your expenses is made easy with flexible repayment options, ensuring you have control over your payments. Experience the advantage of low interest rates, with a nominal rate of just 2.5% per month on the amount spent. The Zenith Bank International Credit Card offers a revolving credit facility, providing you with ongoing access to funds as needed.

This card is ideal for credit card-only payments abroad, enabling seamless transactions on foreign websites and facilitating VAT refunds. It is also a valuable tool for building your credit history, which can be beneficial when applying for travel VISAs to specific countries.

Embrace the convenience, security, and flexibility that the Zenith Bank International Credit Card offers. Start enjoying a world of possibilities with this exceptional financial tool at your fingertips.

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