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Discover the benefits of the GTBank World MasterCard. With high credit limit, 24/7 customer support, airport lounge access, rewards program, travel insurance and global acceptance, this credit card offers a premium banking experience. Apply now.


by Beatriz Martinez

Published on 02/28/2023

World MasterCard GTBank credit card: Get free access with Lounge-Key in over 120 countries!

Are you ready to travel the world without worrying about comfort and luxury at airports? With the World MasterCard GTBank Credit Card, you can get free access to lounges in over 120 countries, thanks to the Lounge-Key program.

Imagine arriving at an international airport and having an exclusive space to rest, have breakfast, use high-speed internet and much more, without paying anything extra for it.

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This is how the World MasterCard Credit Card can transform your travels, offering an exclusive and personalized service.

But, in addition to access to lounges, the World MasterCard Credit Card has many other advantages that will add value to your life.

You can have discounts on hotels, restaurants and international purchases, in addition to travel insurance and purchase protection, which guarantee peace of mind and safety on your trips.

But does not stop there! The World MasterCard Credit Card also offers rewards programs, which allow you to accumulate points with each purchase and exchange them for airline tickets, travel packages and much more.

GTBank World MasterCard

Are you excited to learn more about the World MasterCard Credit Card and all its benefits?

So, continue reading this article and find out how to access a world of possibilities, comfort and luxury, without leaving your pocket. Enjoy!

Main advantages of the World MasterCard GTBank

When it comes to choosing a credit card, it’s important to evaluate all the available options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The World MasterCard GTBank is a standout option, offering its customers unique and differentiated advantages over other credit cards on the market. In this article, we are going to explore the main advantages of World MasterCard GTBank.

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Access to lounges worldwide

The Lounge-Key program is one of the most exclusive advantages of the World MasterCard GTBank, allowing its holders free access to lounges in more than 120 countries.

These spaces are ideal for resting before a flight, working or even for breakfast. Lounges offer amenities like high-speed internet, free drinks and food, and much more.

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Discounts at hotels and restaurants

The World MasterCard GTBank also offers discounts at hotels and restaurants around the world. In addition, cardholders can also enjoy exclusive promotions at department stores, jewelry stores and more.

Rewards Programs

With the World MasterCard GTBank, you can accumulate points with every purchase you make with the card. These points can be exchanged for airline tickets, travel packages, products and much more. It’s a great way to reward yourself for the purchases you already make.

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Travel insurance and purchase protection

World MasterCard GTBank offers travel insurance and purchase protection to ensure peace of mind and security on your travels.

If any problems occur during your trip, such as flight delays or cancellations, travel insurance can cover the additional expenses.

In addition, purchase protection ensures that you are refunded if any product purchased with the card is damaged or stolen within a certain period of time.

About the Mastercard card brand

Mastercard is an American company that boasts a rich and vibrant history stretching back more than five decades.

Founded in 1966, Mastercard was created with the goal of making financial transactions easier and more accessible for people around the world.

Since then, Mastercard has become one of the largest and most respected electronic payments companies in the world.

Mastercard started as an association of banks, offering innovative financial solutions to its members.

Soon, Mastercard began expanding its horizons and offering its solutions to more people around the world. Over time, Mastercard became an independent, publicly traded company and has continued to grow and evolve.

GTBank World MasterCard

Over the years, Mastercard has dedicated itself to developing and offering financial solutions that make people’s lives easier.

From creating its first credit card to introducing mobile payment solutions and artificial intelligence technologies, Mastercard has been a leader in the electronic payments industry.

Today, Mastercard is accepted in more than 210 countries and territories around the world, and its financial solutions are used by millions of people every day.

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Mastercard continues to work to make financial transactions easier, safer and more accessible for everyone, and is committed to making a real difference in people’s lives.

In short, the Mastercard story is one of dedication, innovation and success.

Since its inception, Mastercard has been a leader in the electronic payments industry and continues to evolve and deliver innovative financial solutions to its customers around the world.

About GTBank

Did you know that GTBank is one of the largest and most respected financial institutions in Nigeria? And the most interesting thing is that its history is as vibrant as the country in which it was created.

Founded in 1990, GTBank was created with the aim of offering innovative financial solutions to the citizens of Nigeria.

Since then, GTBank has been a leader in banking in Nigeria, offering high quality financial services and standing out for its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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From the beginning, GTBank has been dedicated to providing high quality and affordable financial services to its customers.

Over the years, GTBank has expanded its services and become one of the most respected financial institutions in Nigeria.

GTBank is recognized for its commitment to innovation, security and excellence, and has a long history of success.

GTBank is known for offering advanced financial services and innovative technologies such as credit cards, mobile payment services and investment solutions.

In addition, GTBank stands out for its dedication to social and environmental causes, and is recognized for its leadership in social and corporate responsibility issues.

In short, the GTBank story is one of dedication, innovation and excellence. From its inception, GTBank has been a leader in the financial sector in Nigeria, offering advanced financial solutions and committed to innovation, security and excellence.

GTBank continues to be a respected and trusted financial institution dedicated to providing high quality financial solutions to its customers.

Anyway, if you liked to know a little about the World MasterCard Credit Card, click now on the button below to know all the benefits and advantages!

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