Actual relation between Brazil and UE

The relationship between Brazil and the European Union (EU) is characterized by political dialogue, economic cooperation, and cultural exchange. Do you know the entire situation?


The European Union (EU) and Brazil have a longstanding and multifaceted relationship, characterized by political dialogue, economic cooperation, and cultural exchange. The EU is Brazil’s largest trading partner and foreign investor, and Brazil is the EU’s largest trading partner in Latin America.

The two sides engage in regular political dialogue through various channels, including the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership, which was established in 2007. The partnership aims to promote dialogue and cooperation on a wide range of issues, including human rights, climate change, and regional and global security.

The EU and Brazil also cooperate in a number of economic areas, including trade and investment, research and innovation, and energy. In 2019, the EU and Mercosur (of which Brazil is a member) reached a historic agreement on a comprehensive trade deal that will eliminate tariffs on most goods traded between the two regions.

In addition to economic ties, the EU and Brazil collaborate on a range of social and cultural issues, including education, science and technology, and cultural exchange. The EU has supported a number of development projects in Brazil, particularly in areas such as education, sustainable development, and social inclusion.

However, the relationship between the EU and Brazil has also faced some challenges, particularly in recent years. These include concerns about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, human rights issues, and political tensions. Despite these challenges, both sides have expressed a commitment to maintaining and strengthening their relationship, and continue to engage in dialogue and cooperation on a range of issues.

Improving the relationship between the European Union (EU) and Brazil would require a concerted effort by both sides to address the challenges that have strained their relationship in recent years. Here are some ways in which the relationship could be improved:

  1. Dialogue: Both sides should engage in regular and open dialogue on a wide range of issues, including areas of disagreement, in order to build trust and understanding.
  2. Environmental cooperation: Addressing concerns about deforestation and promoting sustainable development should be a priority for both sides. The EU and Brazil could work together on initiatives to protect the Amazon rainforest and promote sustainable agriculture.
  3. Human rights: The EU and Brazil should work to promote and protect human rights, including the rights of minorities, women, and indigenous peoples. This could include supporting civil society organizations and promoting social inclusion.
  4. Trade and investment: The EU and Brazil should work to expand their economic ties and promote trade and investment, while ensuring that workers’ rights and environmental standards are respected.
  5. Cultural exchange: Promoting cultural exchange and education programs could help to foster greater understanding and cooperation between the EU and Brazil.
  6. Political will: Improving the relationship between the EU and Brazil will require a genuine commitment from both sides to work together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

By taking these measures, the EU and Brazil could work to improve their relationship and build a more productive and positive partnership for the future. Follow us for more information about geopolitics subjects.

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