Metaverse is not dead

The metaverse was a buzzword in tech circles in 2021, but some believe it has already peaked, while others think it still has a future. The term generally refers to virtual worlds where users are represented by avatars and can interact with each other. Many companies believe that metaverses could replace physical workplaces and become the main way we socialize online.


There is debate surrounding the future of the metaverse, with some believing it to be a failed concept, while others remain convinced of its potential. In 2021, the metaverse was a buzzword and attracted investment from big companies such as Facebook, but despite this, virtual reality has not yet reached its full potential. However, some influencers are still pursuing opportunities in the virtual world, indicating that the debate surrounding the metaverse’s future is far from over.

The metaverse refers to a virtual world where users are represented by avatars and can interact with each other to socialize and play games. There is no clear definition of the term, but it generally involves the ability to create and build content and worlds within the virtual space. Companies such as Facebook have invested heavily in the concept, but opinions are divided on whether the metaverse has a future.

Popular games like Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite are often considered examples of metaverses due to their virtual worlds where users can interact and create content. However, the ultimate vision for the metaverse usually involves using VR headsets to create a digital version of the real world, which could replace physical workplaces and become the primary way of socialising online. Companies are investing heavily in the potential of metaverses to transform various industries and revolutionise the way we live and interact with each other digitally.

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The experience

TigressX, a gaming content creator with over 15 years of experience, enjoys watching movies and attending virtual weddings with friends in the metaverse. Influencer Techman Ju uses the metaverse to explore places that are inaccessible in the physical world, such as different worlds, universes, galaxies, and dimensions. He describes the experience of using a VR headset for the first time as “magical.”

Thrill, an influencer in the metaverse who posts hardware reviews and industry commentary, says that he was initially attracted to the human connections that VR can create. He explains that virtual worlds allow people to connect in different and better ways than they could otherwise. Although some people use virtual worlds for escapism, Thrill views them as a tool to enhance everyday life and present oneself exactly as they want. According to him, the metaverse is a reality enhancer, not an escapism tool.

According to some experts, influencers such as Techman Ju, TigressX, and Thrill could be crucial in boosting the popularity of the metaverse. VR film director Alex Ruhl, who heads PwC’s metaverse technologies, believes that influencers are already using the metaverse as a new way to connect with their followers. She predicts that more metaverse-first influencers will emerge and spread their influence across other channels. Tech journalist Jay Peters suggests that for virtual reality technology to become more popular, companies need to convince users to join and create their own virtual communities.

Video games could be the key to getting more people on board with the metaverse, according to experts. The popularity of gaming means players are familiar with how to interact online and build communities with others as avatars, said technology journalist Jay Peters. Techman Ju believes gaming should be the top priority for the metaverse, as it will jumpstart more people getting into VR headsets. TigressX says equipment prices are a barrier, but new, cheaper headsets are emerging. While a report from the Pew Research Centre in the US suggests the metaverse could have up to 500 million users by 2040.

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