Twitter two-hour outage this week

Twitter's recent instability has been widely reported in the news. The platform suffered yet another outage, leaving thousands of users unable to access their feeds. Although the issues have been resolved, experts have warned that recent job cuts could trigger more technical issues in the future


On Wednesday, Twitter experienced another outage which prevented thousands of users worldwide from accessing the platform for two hours. The social network’s Following and For You feeds, which display tweets on the homepage, were replaced with a message reading “Welcome to Twitter”. DownDetector, a website that tracks outages, reported the issue at 10:00 GMT, but it was resolved by 12:00. The outage occurred shortly after Twitter laid off 200 employees on Monday.

DownDetector, a site that tracks internet outages, reported the issue at 10:00 GMT, and within half an hour, more than 5,000 people in the UK alone reported problems. The homepage feeds, Following and For You, were replaced with a notice saying “Welcome to Twitter.” The For You feed was restored within an hour, but the Following feed took longer to fix. Additionally, the site’s search tool briefly stopped displaying tweets in the Latest tab before being fixed. The outage occurred just days after Twitter reportedly laid off 200 staff members.

The outage leave thousands of users unable to access the For You and Following feeds, which display tweets on the platform’s homepage. The problem was reported by more than 5,000 users in the UK alone, with many more affected worldwide. Despite the outage, users were still able to tweet as normal, leading to “#TwitterDown” and “Welcome To Twitter” trending on the platform. The outage was resolved within two hours, and the site’s search tool, which briefly stopped displaying tweets in the Latest tab, is now working again. This is not the first time Twitter has experienced intermittent outages, with users experiencing problems as recently as early February.

Is outage more often ?

The cause of the recent Twitter outage is uncertain, although some have speculated that it may be related to the company’s recent staff cuts. Twitter reportedly let go of 200 employees this week, which amounts to 10% of its workforce. The company has undergone several rounds of job losses since Elon Musk became CEO in October 2022, during which nearly half of the company’s 7,500 employees were sacked. Technical experts have raised concerns that such extensive job cuts could lead to more technical issues, such as those experienced by Twitter. Alp Toker, director of internet outage tracker NetBlocks, has noted an increase in Twitter’s reliability issues since Musk took over as CEO.

The recent outages at Twitter have raised questions about the company’s reliability, with some experts attributing the problems to the recent job cuts and changes in leadership. Alp Toker, director of internet outage tracker NetBlocks, noted that the company’s reliability issues have increased since Elon Musk took over as CEO. Toker believes that most of the outages are avoidable and can be traced back to issues with Twitter’s data center, which he describes as a complex network that requires ongoing maintenance. Toker also pointed out that since the Musk takeover, testing timelines for new features at the data center appear to have been abandoned, which could be contributing to the recent problems. The most recent outage on Twitter was extended but not total, and Toker traced the issue back to the data center.

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